Web or the world-wide web is a system of internet servers to support documents. They are links through which one can navigate to other documents with the HTML language. The web can be accessed with the help of web browsers. The popular web browsers used today are IE (Internet Explorer), Chrome, Mozilla etc. There is a difference between the internet and World Wide Web. The internet is where all the computers in the world are connected forming a network in which any computer can communicate with any computer in the network. World Wide Web is a way of accessing information over the internet. It is a part of internet.

Web Analytics Tool

Web has a visitor activity which can be tracked to avoid web traffic. It also tracks page clicks, page views etc. It helps in calculating what the customers do with the website, how often they come back visiting, what do they view in the website etc. This is called Web Analytics. This tool also helps in business and research. They also help in knowing how much of web traffic flows through the web and the preference of the clients. It also measures the visitor’s activity. For example: when a client lands on a page and clicks on a link. This will gather information on the link and drivers connected to it thus helping in improving the website used.

There are other measuring methods in web analytics. Some are mouse tracking and eye tracking systems which also work the same way tracking the visitor’s behavior and areas they more often focus. This in turn helps in developing the business overall.

Review Site

Website review is yet another platform to gain a wide knowledge on reviews in any field. It is a site in which reviews can be posted about anything such as products and services in any website. The sites hire professional reviewers to post reviews and pay for individuals with expertise in posting reviews. Both, Web Analytics and Website Review play a major role in capturing the customer needs and improving the business and market research. They not only collect the required information from the web, but also help in developing the websites. When it comes to exploring what one wants to dig in his business, selecting the right Web Analytics and Website Review tool is important.